"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a well-captured food photograph is worth a thousand cravings."

Author Unknown

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What equipment do you use for food photography?

I rely on top-notch equipment, including my Nikon D850 camera, along with premium lenses and lighting gear. This setup enables me to capture intricate details and textures, ensuring exceptional food photography.

How can I prepare for a food photography session to ensure the best results?

We'll begin by defining your branding goals, audience, and desired message. This guides our tailored session. We will collaborate on an efficient timeline to capture a diverse range of shots prepared by your chef.

How do you handle food styling and props?

I collaborate with chefs to showcase their culinary artistry. I arrange dishes on the table with meticulous attention to detail, strategically incorporating brand elements like bottles to enhance visuals and brand identity.

How do you handle photo delivery and storage?

I provide an online gallery for you to download your edited, high-resolution images. Please save them to a secure location, as they'll be available on my website for a limited time before archiving.

Please explain your approach to post-production in food photography?

In post-production, I utilize Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to refine and enhance food images. These tools enable precise adjustments in color, contrast, and sharpness, preserving the dish's authenticity while ensuring visual appeal.

How many photos can I expect to receive from a session?

The number of photos you receive depends on the session type and package. Standard branding shoots usually include around 50 edited images.

What is the turnaround time for receiving edited branding photos?

For food and branding shoots, expect photos between 1 -2 weeks, with some immediate selections.