"A wedding is a story waiting to be told. A photograph is the pen that writes that story in light and shadow."

Jen Stuart

Crafting Your Story Together...

  • Let's Begin with a Chat: Our journey starts with a friendly conversation. During our initial meeting, we'll dive deep into your wedding vision, discussing your love story, preferred style, and any specific moments or details that are especially important to you.

  • Timing Perfection: Together, we'll meticulously plan the ideal date and schedule for your wedding day photography. We'll consider the unique lighting conditions, weather forecasts, and the flow of your celebration to ensure we capture every magical moment.

  • Gear for Greatness: I'll arrive on your big day equipped with top-notch camera equipment. With a body harness and two camera bodies, I'll be ready to capture everything from wide-angle scenes that showcase your venue's beauty to intimate portraits that reflect your personalities.

  • Guidance and Comfort: My role extends beyond just taking photos. Throughout the day, I'll offer guidance and support to help you and your loved ones feel at ease in front of the camera. I'll blend into the background when needed, but also step in to offer direction when it's time for those stunning posed shots.

  • Magic in the Making: After the festivities, the real magic begins. I'll meticulously edit and retouch your wedding photos using industry-standard software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. This ensures that every image reflects the joy and beauty of your special day. If desired, I can also perform subtle skin retouching for that flawless finishing touch.

  • Your Story, Forever Preserved: Once the editing is complete, your personalized collection of wedding photos will be delivered to you, ready to be cherished for a lifetime. These images will serve as a timeless reminder of the love, laughter, and unforgettable moments that made your wedding day uniquely yours.



Do you have more wedding photography samples we can view?

Absolutely, I can provide private viewings of ceremony photos to interested clients during our consultation or meeting. Due to previous client's privacy concerns, I have agreed not to showcase any ceremony shots on my website but can do so privately upon request.

Do you work with a second photographer or assistant?

Yes, upon request, usually for larger weddings or to capture various angles, I will work with a second photographer. This ensures comprehensive coverage and diverse perspectives, ensuring every moment is beautifully captured.

How do you handle different lighting conditions, including low light or outdoor settings?

I'm well-prepared to handle diverse lighting conditions. In low light, I use on-camera flash for natural results. For bride and groom shots, I offer off-camera strobe flash for dramatic effects upon request. My high-end cameras with high ISO capabilities and noise reduction software ensure great results in any lighting situation.

Can I request specific editing styles or effects for my photos?

Yes, certainly! Feel free to share your preferred editing style, such as 'light and airy' or 'bright and colourful,' during our consultation.

Can we request specific shots or provide a shot list?

Absolutely, I would love for you to provide me with specific shots or pose ideas that you adore! Your vision is important to me, and I'm excited to bring it to life. Rest assured, I will also have my own checklist to ensure that no special moment is missed.

How do you handle photo delivery and storage?

I provide an online gallery for you to download your edited, high-resolution portraits. Please save them to a secure location, as they'll be available on my website for a limited time before archiving.

How many photos can I expect to receive from a session?

The number of photos you receive depends on the session type. Standard portrait shoots usually include around 30 edited images, while mini sessions include approximately 5 edited photos.